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Why Filmmaking?

Gina's foray into filmmaking began at a young age, as a way to avoid public speaking in school.  From there, it grew into a love of telling stories and creating new worlds.  

Rose and Pearl Films was born not long after, producing films about life, love and everything in between.

Cruel and Unusual Therapy (Teaser)

Cruel and Unusual Therapy (Teaser)

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WINNER - Brightside Tavern Shorts Film F
BRONZE REMI AWARD - Worldfest Houston In
Are they all this (1).jpg

Are They All This Crazy?


Women and actors, things can get a little crazy when you combine the two.

Happy Hour 3.jpg

Happy Hour

An unhappy pair of people may be each other's answer to loneliness, despite the uncomfortable situation in which they meet.

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Cruel and Unusual Therapy TOO


Finding the right therapist...could drive a girl nuts.

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Frame of Reference


Classic film and misperceptions come together as a broken-hearted woman and her best friend review her latest relationship through very different eyes.

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Cruel and Unusual Therapy


Seeing a therapist is hard. Breaking up with one is harder.

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QOMPoster_edit (1)-resize2 (1).jpg

Queen of Magic

(in collaboration with Besties Make Movies)


From upper-class Victorian England to the slums of NYC, a young woman combats a male-dominated world to become the first female magician. 

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