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S1 Ni De Aqui, Ni De Allá: ¡Gina is Looking Bilingüe!

S1 Ni De Aqui, Ni De Allá: ¡Gina is Looking Bilingüe!

An all too relatable journey on how family, educators and societal expectations can strongly impact one's own cultural understanding. Truly an open book, Gina shares her admiration and passion for the Spanish language and her Latinidad, while openly discussing the anxiety and doubts it has brought her. Meet Gina Marie Rodriguez. IG: @not_that_gina Website: --- ¡Looking Bilingüe! is a project conceived, directed and produced by Jade Cintrón Báez , a Latina or more specifically, an Ameri-Cuba-Rican, from New Jersey. This project is a growing collection of vibrant conversations about both the hilarious but also difficult realities of “Looking Bilingual” and how this has impacted lives personally and professionally. These are just a sampling of stories behind why there are so many Latinx folks who do not speak Spanish, or speak it without being sure if what was coming out of their mouth was well said, and the challenges that come with looking a part but not always sounding that part. With these interviews come the realness of native speakerism, colorism, plain ol racism (*from your family too yayyy*) and the struggles to assimilate sometimes to more than one culture all at the same time. ¡Looking Bilingüe! is a hub for biculturalism and biliteracy through the arts, education, and identity via storytelling. This project is meant to be a vulnerable but fun piece that addresses the multiple identities that exist in the Latinx Community. IG: looking.bilingue LinkedIn: Jade Cintrón Báez Contact:

Podcast Appearances

Best Movie Soundtracks with Gina Rodriguez Ranting and Raving Podcast
00:00 / 01:04
Cruel and Unusual Therapy Cast InterviewDad Does Rom Coms
00:00 / 36:34

Digital/Print Media

NJ Stage.jpg
New Jersey Stage
"Cruel and Unusual Therapy,"

A Short PG-Rated "Sex" Comedy,
to Screen at Garden State Film Festival
Broadway World
"Westfield International Film Festival"
Stars Hit The Town In Westfield On Friday October 4
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